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Canton Divorce Attorney Handles All Your Concerns

No one gets married with the idea that they will one day get divorced and yet divorce papers are signed every day in this country. Should you decide to terminate your marriage, it is imperative that you retain the services of a divorce attorney immediately. Whether you think your divorce will be amicable or not, you need a skilled attorney to protect your rights, the rights of any children involved and your assets.

When you hire the Law Office of Eric A. Ballinger, you get a qualified divorce lawyer in Eric A. Ballinger. He has mediated, settled and tried countless divorce cases during the past 18 years. With the support of an experienced legal staff, Attorney Ballinger works diligently to come to a quick and acceptable agreement on division of assets, support, custody and any other divorce matters that you may have. If you and your impending ex cannot agree out of court, then we will go to trial. We have successfully tried cases all the way to the GA Supreme Court and have no qualms about doing whatever is legally necessary.

Mediation is an option

If you and your spouse are open to using a Canton mediator, you can often avoid the time and costs of going to court, while working out a customized agreement that suits everyone's needs. You will still need a Canton divorce lawyer but you may find mediation to be a better choice. Mediation offers you the flexibility to devise a customized divorce plan that serves your individualized needs without the restrictions of a court proceeding. Mediation can be used to handle all or certain parts of your divorce and is often the best solution for settling your case.

Ending a marriage requires experienced legal help

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