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Canton Child Support Attorneys Protect the Rights of Children

Legal advice in the best interests of the children

When children are involved in a divorce action it is important to ensure that they are protected. The Law Office of Eric A. Ballinger has handled hundreds of child custody cases and is well respected within the Georgia court system. Eric A. Ballinger is a trained Guardian ad Litem and is often asked by the courts to act on behalf of a child.

Caring for children is the top priority

Georgia law bases custody decisions on what is in the best interest of the child. Children 14 years of age and older have the right to state with whom they want to live; however, a judge may overrule the child's desire if the chosen parent is not in a position to care for the child. There are different types of custody and competent child support lawyers in Canton will be able to explain the differences to you.

Mothers and fathers have equal rights when it comes to custody issues in Georgia so don't assume a judgment is guaranteed just because you are the mother or the father. You need to have a Canton fathers' rights lawyer or Canton mothers' rights lawyer to fight for you. Our firm has successfully represented mothers and fathers in even the most complex cases.

When grandparents fight for custody

Grandparents often get involved in custody arrangements and can have legal right to custody if both parents are deemed unfit. If you are a grandparent worried about the well-being of your grandchild, consult with a Canton grandparents' rights lawyer. We understand that sometimes a grandparent must step in and take care of their grandchildren when their own children can't. We fight just as hard for the rights of grandparents as we do for parents because at the Law Firm of Eric A. Ballinger, we are only interested in what is best for the children involved.

Turn to mediation when court is not an option

Mediation is often the best choice to handle child custody cases because there is a great deal of flexibility and a lot less stress if everyone can agree without going to court. Canton mediation attorney Eric A. Ballinger is trained to guide you through mediation with ease.

Call the Canton attorney who protects the rights of mothers, fathers, grandparents and children

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