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Choosing A Family Law Attorney

The choice of a lawyer in a family law case is far too important to trust to just any lawyer.  It is a decision that should take an amount of research and interviewing.  

There are four main questions to ask about any potential lawyer.First, is the lawyer technically competent?  A family lawyer needs to know about about issues financial and tax issues regarding divorce, developmental psychology as it relates to child custody as well as the laws involving the division of property, computation of child support and legal consequences of conduit in a divorce.Second, is the lawyer tactically competent?  A family lawyer must be at home in the courtroom.  Its one thing to know all of the technical details, but unless the lawyer knows how to and is not afraid to present the details in court, they are meaningless. A family lawyer needs to know when to settle and when to go to Court.Third, is the lawyer locally grounded? While the law is the same across the State of Georgia, every county does things differently.  Its important to know what it takes to move the a case through the clerk’s office to the courtroom and to know how the judge thinks about any given issue. Also, a lawyer who is respected by the local community can has a greater level of persuasion with the Courts than an unknown lawyer from elsewhere.

Finally, what is the client’s comfort level working with the lawyer? The client needs to be comfortable working with the lawyer. Different lawyers work differently. Some lawyers are aggressive while others are collaborative, and the client needs to work with a lawyer that will suit their style. Also, its important to look at the support staff as well as making sure that the attorney is within the budget of the client as well.

Choosing a good Family Lawyer is an important decision. Take the time and do the homework. The best results will come from the best suited representation.

Author; Eric Ballinger

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Eric Ballinger

Eric Ballinger

Eric Ballinger is a highly experienced trial litigator of over 20 years.  He recieved his J.D. from John Marshall Law School, magna cum laude, and a Masters of Law in Litigation from Atlanta Law School. 

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