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Debt Collection Lawsuits

One of the biggest mistakes people make is ignoring a debt collection lawsuit.  For many people, the feel they owe the debt and there is just nothing they can do about it.  The problem is that once those papers are served there are time sensitive deadlines with some very lasting repercussions.  Under Georgia Law, once a law suit has been filed and served, there is a set period to answer the suit stated clearly on the summons.  Those deadlines are hard and fast and if the suit is not answered, it will go into default.  Default is the same as admitting that you owe the debt lock stock and barrel.  


Once a case goes into a default judgment, the creditor has a wide avenue of means to collect the amount of the judgment, such as lining a house, garnishing wages, freezing bank accounts and even coming to your house to seize belongings.  A judgement also appears on a credit report and will not go away until it is paid off.


For collections attorneys, it is a numbers game.  They represent or even buy a large number of accounts and pursue them all hoping a number of the suits will go unanswered.  Many times they do not have the personnel or the resources to deal with somebody who stands up to them.  Normally, a mutual settlement can be reached for cents on the dollar, however it is take the matter to a trial and the collections attorneys do not have the evidence to prove their case.


If you have been sued, talk to a lawyer about what to do.  Even if you do not hire the lawyer to represent you in the case, they can point you in the right direction.

Author; Eric Ballinger

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Eric Ballinger

Eric Ballinger

Eric Ballinger is a highly experienced trial litigator of over 20 years.  He recieved his J.D. from John Marshall Law School, magna cum laude, and a Masters of Law in Litigation from Atlanta Law School. 

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